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Re: Difference in license usage according to BMC License Audit and User Log


Well, the user log and license tracking functionality has worked more or less ok in different versions.

I do not know how you are combining the user logs from your server group, but if it has a round robin load balancer the user logs are usually hard to combine. The numbers you see, "98 of 987 in use" reflects a single server only. The next can read "all in use" if the combined value of all server reaches 987.

The license tracking works better and better on more recent version, but I think that in 8.x it does not track Read (Floating) licenses. This is not a problem if you have enough licenses though.

We have a program called RRR|LicenseMonitor that we have used in some cases with server groups that connects to all servers and polls the active user list. This is not something you can download without contacting us.

We do not have any eval license, for RRR|License, but the the monitoring is free, which means that you can evaluate your situation and get the usage diagrams without buying RRR|License.

Finally you can decide if you want to buy more licenses from BMC or buy RRR|License at a fraction of the cost and optimize your licenses instead.

I suggest you turn on License Tracking in Admin Console -> System -> General -> Server Information -> Configuration and then use the data from the AR System Historical License Usage form with the free version of RRR|License to analyze your usage. If this does not give correct results you can use RRR|LicenseMonitor, which I can supply to you, to poll the uses of all 3 servers into a single log.

Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://www.rrr.se (ARSList MVP 2011)

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March 8, 2018 7:04 PM, "Thomas Miskiewicz" <tmiskiew@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Listers,
we’re on AR 8.1.x (plain AR no BMC products on top) with a Server Group consisting of 3 AR Servers plus an Archive Server.
How come that the according to the User Log we use significantly less licenses that according to the BMC License Audit?
Sure off top of my head BMC needs to sell more licenses. LOL
But on more serious note: any ideas?
Thank you