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Re: Rebranding MyIT

I had a similar experience, I am at around 500+ lines for my custom branding. I noticed early on the flashing. I cleared cache in smart it servers apache work folders and it eventually stopped. I wasn't worried at first about it since I was customizing almost every single element. 

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From: "Burns, Carina" <Carina.Burns@risd.org>
Date: 3/16/18 10:37 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: ARSList <arslist@arslist.org>
Subject: Rebranding MyIT

Hey there listers,


I’m trying to rebrand the Digital Workplace/My IT UC with the rebranding config parameters in the My IT Admin tool (1.6 My IT).

Two things aren’t doing what they should:

The old backgrounds flash for a second before the new custom background images load

The footer still appears even though I added code to make the footer hidden.


I tried to address the former by updating the background images in the stock ux/img directory, but that didn’t change anything.   I’m guessing that the stock images are stored in one of the .css files in the /ux/myitapp directory?  It appears the custom .css  created with the Admin tool loads last.  If that’s the case, I wonder why my code to make the footer hidden doesn’t work successfully.


Anyone else run into this and how did you solve it?   Hacking the stock .css directly?