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RE: Dev Studio broken after Upgrade to

I’ve seen this before when the dev studio did not have enough memory to load a large list of workflow objects. The default is 512mb.

Go to the DS config and try increasing the memory it uses from 512 to 2048. That’s what worked for us.



C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_161\bin\javaw.exe






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Subject: Dev Studio broken after Upgrade to


Hi Listers,


we have successfully upgraded our archive stand alone server from to Hotfix from Oct 2017.


We can login and work using the Mid Tier.


Dev Studio takes ages to log in. At other times the login works smoothly, we can load the form list but we cannot open the Active Link, Filter, Guides Lists as we get a time one saying that the server is busy.


Any ideas where to start looking? The support has no idea so far.