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Re: Non-admin users kicked out after upgrade to


A long shot, as I do not think it manifests in that way for the users. Maybe the system was bumpted into Admin Only Mode, which is a setting in ar.conf/Server Information form?
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May 14, 2018 6:27 PM, "Fawver, Dustin" <FAWVER@mail.etsu.edu> wrote:


I have a ticket in with BMC regarding this issue, but I’m losing some dev time about it. I wanted to see if someone here would be familiar with it.

I have a system that was running ARS 9.1.02. I upgraded it to 9.1.04 with no intermediate upgrades. I applied Patch 002 to the platform. We have a custom home page with menus, links and buttons that typically just open up a form in a new window. As an admin user, things work just fine. For a non-admin user, after clicking on a button to bring up a form, the window opens up, but the user is then shown the login screen again. I tried just changing the URL to the name of the form, but that doesn’t help. It doesn’t matter which browser is being used.

Form permissions have not changed since the upgrade. I verified with Dev Studio that the forms in question have Public permission. If I have to, I can restore the database from a backup and roll the server back to a snapshot point.

I just noticed when the login screen comes back up, the URL has the cacheid parameter missing and replaced it with a question mark. I don’t know if that has any significance.


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