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Re: Incident Last Updated

I have seen these type of reports written against a join of HPD:WorkLog and HPD:HelpDesk. This way you do not need to modify any data (and in-turn you don't update the last modified date) like you would with an escalation.


On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 11:52 AM, Brian Pancia <panciab@finityit.com> wrote:

I'm looking at including the last date a ticket was updated either directly or through a work log entry.  My initial thought is to create an escalation that checks to see if the work log entry submit date is greater than the ticket last modified date and then update the ticket with that date and user in the last modified fields.  The goal is to be able to easily report on how many days since the ticket was updated.  I'm sure this has come up 1000 times.  Has anyone come up with other cool alternative methods?



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