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OT: Resumes

I always find looking at other people's resumes/cv to be fascinating...there are so many different ways to put together the details of your skills and work histories.  I worked for a time as a team lead and looked at resumes of potential contractors, so I've had a fair amount of exposure to various formats....I know this isn't Remedy related, and there is no 'right' answer...so I'm seeking opinions.

Should a resume be 'conversational' in nature, or is it better to have short concise bullet points.

I personally find conversational resumes harder to digest...I find it harder to pull out the relevant information that I'm looking for in a prospective employee/contractor....I've always found quick bullet point driven resumes easier to read/digest and determine if the person has the skills necessary, if not only at a high level....but the down side of that type of resume is that it eliminates all of the emotion and 'feel' from a person, which is both good and bad....so, I'm curious....opinions, pro/con list, etc....