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Re: DWPA Cart Order # in SmartIT

Hi Kevin,

Yes you get one Order number, 2 Request numbers(one SB, one regular SRM request number) and if it is fulfilled via an incident, that number too.
We intend to use the SRM request number as end-user tracker number now.

In some cases, the user is expected to use the Add to Cart option and submit multiple requests together. The problem we have right now is - though cart option is really helpful in tracking multiple related requests with one Order number, this Order number remains in DWPA - there is absolutely no way to trace this Order number from SmartIT/fulfillment tickets.
Unless anybody can suggest otherwise that is.

Maheshwari L

On Fri 14 Sep, 2018, 11:53 PM Kevin Candelaria, <Kevin@temple.edu> wrote:

Same battle I have, 


Import an SRM item that generates an incident into DWP, you get DWP Order ID, SRM Request ID, Incident ID.


What do you give the client... sigh..




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Hi Listers,

Is the Order number in DWPA available in any of the Remedy forms? We want to make use of multiple request submission and also track their fulfillment easily. Now it appears that order number is SB-specific and doesn't flow back to ITSM.
Using DWPA1802

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