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New Idea in BMC Developer Communities

In AR 9.x BMC has discontinued the arfork log file.  You'll notice from the following link the arfork log is not described and in the screenshot it is grayed out and unavailable:   
The log option does not appear on the Logs tab in the later releases because it is no longer used   
The arfork log file was the place to find the execution of an external Run Process command   
   Tue Nov 20 07:54:49 2018 Received record marker.   
   Tue Nov 20 07:54:49 2018 Spawning child, shell "", command "{FULL COMMAND LINE}".   
   Tue Nov 20 07:54:49 2018 Spawned "{FULL COMMAND LINE}" as pid 56744.   
   Tue Nov 20 07:54:49 2018 Awaiting record marker.   
   Tue Nov 20 07:54:49 2018 process id 56744 has exited with status 0x0.   
This idea is for BMC to bring back logging the external run process actions in some log file (my preference would be the Thread log file if they do not wish to use the arfork log again)

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