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Meta-Update 5.80 Release

Hi Folks,


This email announces the 5.80 release of Meta-Update.


As usual, Meta-Update now offers better performance, a new -snQryChk argument used to prevent accidents on ServiceNow where mistyped queries by default return all records in a table, new copy option to skip data set by get filters in attachment fields, updated samples.


The web site has been update with new samples and a new way of showing how they work.  New samples will be added regularly to these.  All samples are included in the distribution.


Remedy to ServiceNow transfers have been production tested and ServiceNow features include Attachment handling. 


Meta-Archive can now generate HTML and update a ServiceNow table with data, the URL, and attachments from the Remedy request – allowing you to shut-off unused Remedy servers with full access to the data on ServiceNow, saving you hardware and software costs and maintenance.


Please use your support login to download this version.


New:  We are working on generalizing the GUI developed by Spark and that should be included in the next release.  It is optional.  It will allow Meta-Update jobs to be defined and used from server through a console.


If you do not have a support login, and would like a trial, please contact us by responding to this email.



Ben Chernys
Senior Software Architect


Canada / Deutschland
Mobile:    +49 171 380 2329   GMT - 7 + [ DST ]

Mobile     +1 403  554 0887
Web:         www.softwaretoolhouse.com

We are a BMC Technology Alliance Partner



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Meta-Update, our premium ARS Data tool, lets you automate your imports, migrations, in no time at all, without programming, without staging forms, without merge workflow. 


Meta-Archive does ITSM Archiving your way: with your forms and your multi-tenant rules, treating each root request as a complete tree and checking associatuions.  Archive output to different servers, HTML pages with links to attachments or archive forms.


Meta-Databot is an automated, extensible BMC Data Wizard.  It reads a file of data changes and sports an Undo feature.


Pre ITSM 9.1.04?  Clarify?  HP? Roll your own?  No problem!  You can keep your valuable data!