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Run ACTL when Table Field Editable Checkbox value has been Changed...


I have a Table field with an Editable Checkbox.

I want a similar functionality like a normal Checkbox field where I run an ACTL on Return, but this is not possible in a Column Checkbox Field...

The user can Check/Uncheck one ore more of the Checkboxes in the table, and then I can have the user click a button saying "Save". Then it is easy to loop the table and do something. But...

I have a requirement to do something immediately when the user Checks or Unchecks an individual Checkbox.

Any ideas, or am I missing something fundamental/simple??? Hoping to avoid _javascript_...

Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://www.rrr.se (ARSList MVP 2011)

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