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Moving ARS To a Newer OS and Host

Hi there,

I’m moving ARS (no ITSM) to a new host (Newer Windows) and upgrading 8.1 to 9.1.06 at the same time.

Support told me to start the installer on the new host, tell him it’s a new install and then point him to the existing ARAdmin. All it got me however was a wired error message which the KB is not very clear how to fix it so I’d rather not touch it.

So instead I first went ahead and upgraded the 8.1 to 9.1.06 on the old host which worked like a charm but of course I’m still facing the move to the new host and OS. If it were Unix I’d just move the binaries from old to new but it’s Windows... well we want a fresh binaries on the new host anyway.

What I’d usually do would be go to the new host, install new ARS as ARAdminTest and when it’s done point the fresh binaries to the old DB via ar.conf and delete the ARAdminTest Schema afterwards. Unfortunately this time it’s different...

The DB Admins don’t want to hand over a temp password for the Oracle system user nor just enter the password during the installation (would be to easy right) but rather require us to provide the steps / SQL for creating the ARAdminTest Schema.

Fine with me but before I do I thought I’d ask arslisters maybe someone has an idea how to get fresh ARS binaries on my new host. Upgrade won’t work because the binaries don’t exist and new install gets offended but the existence of the ARAdmin Schema...

Thank you