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Re: Question about BMC BAO

Hi Carl

Thanks for your answer. Doubt, then the user will have to enter the route manually.
Example: C: \ xxxx \ tttttt \ yyyyy

Gustavo Tejo

On Sun, Jun 30, 2019 at 5:21 AM Carl Wilson <carlbwilson@gmail.com> wrote:


If this is a user initiated workflow i.e. using the Operator Control Panel, you can add in the “Operator Dialog” Activity to request information from the user.

If using an automated triggered workflow, this is not possible and the value needs to be present when the workflow executes.




Kind Regards,


Carl Wilson



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Hello experts,
My question is about the BMC BAO, how can I request the user to tell me, at the moment of executing a workflow, where is the file that he wants to process?


Thanks in advance.



Gustavo Tejo



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