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Re: Atrium and field 112

Any chance that the symptom is due to a caching issue of some sort?

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Sent: Monday, July 22, 2019 4:57 AM
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Subject: Atrium and field 112

This is on ARS 9.1.02.

We have a range of users making use of both Atrium and Change Management.  We have a range of CIs uploaded against a large number of compaies, and users have always been given unrestricted access.

A recent requirement has involved us wanting to restrict visibility of some CIs to specific users.  Multi tenancy would not be viable (as there are hundreds of companies within our system), so I had thought that replacing the value for "Unrestricted Access" in field 112 in Base Element for the relevant CIs with another permissions group, and adding that permissions group to the required users would have the desired effect.  It does not work - profiles without the new permissions group can still see the "locked down" CIs.

Has anyone else implemented anything along these lines?


Dave Barber