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Flashboards Text type does not display as a link

Hi Listers,
I have a new ARS 9.1.06 setup (actually I think that means it is 18.05) with just ARSystem server. No ITSM or Smart IT.
In the old system I had Flashboards setup as type TEXT so I could put a link on the Helpdesk form that showed the assignee how many tickets they had open.
It worked as a link to click and open a modify form with their open tickets.
Now in ARS 9.x it seems I can't display the TEXT flashboard as a link on its own.
I get a chart type border with the full screen button and Customization button etc.
I cannot find where to set the FB to just display the text. I tried looking in the Data Visualization filed properties, the FB and FB Variable properties but nothing stands out.
What I am seeing in ARS 9.x
What I want to see
Both will take me to the 4 tickets when clicking on the hyperlink but I want to lose the frame.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
John J. Reiser
Building 760-J202
Remedy AR System Developer
Senior Software Development Analyst
Lockheed Martin - RMS Moorestown Region
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