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ADV. Is your engaged in or planning a process improvement project?

Good morning.


Is your company planning or currently engaged in a process improvement project?  Implementing a Six Sigma program or another process improvement program like it?  A key to performance improvement is documenting your work and approval processes, and then putting these processes into production and capturing the performance metrics needed to improve performance.  It’s all about the metrics.


Helping organizations document their work and approval processes and then putting those processes into production is what we do.  Attached is a new 3-page white paper on how Project Remedies’ ActionProgram Manager Plus (APM Plus), our Remedy-based process and life-cycle management system, helps improve performance.  This paper outlines the basic concepts and foundational beliefs we had while developing APM Plus.  Those basic concepts and foundational beliefs are still valid today.


If you have not looked at APM Plus recently, you might want to.  We re-wrote it in the last few years to make it tightly integrated with ITSM Suite foundation data.  It runs on a number of ARS System versions up to 19.02.


Please call me at 310-230-1722 to discuss or to schedule a demo. 






Stanley Feinstein


Project Remedies Inc.

15920 Sunset Blvd. #7

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272



v. 310-230-1722

f. 310-230-1757

c. 310-428-5748




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