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RE: Announcements: Doug Mueller has left BMC, ARSlist will be shutting down on US Thanksgiving, Nov. 28th



I hope you are wrong, that Remedy as a brand is not dead, but will continue to live and evolve.


And I for one am disappointed that the ARSList is ending.  It’s been our community for 25+ years, and I hope you and your peers will figure out a way for it to continue.


Stan Feinstein

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I guess it is a fitting time for the ARSlist to go. Doug was one of the earliest members of the list, and has always engaged with us here.

I had the privilege to meet Doug a week ago at the BMC offices after the Helix Immersion Days. You were always an inspiration and a source of technical insights stripped off the otherwise permeating marketing fluff. I wish you good luck in future endeavors and hope to reconnect in years to come.

Even though Remedy as a brand name seams to be dead, I hope that Remedy will continue to live and evolve.

Let us help BMC understand what a great rapid development platform it is. Let us help them understand that the Innovation Suite and the Action Request System should be merged into a single platform again.

The ARSlist has has been a very important place for me, making it possible to connected with all of you, our extended family of Remedy professionals. I am sure we will be able to stay connected in the future where we continue to help and collaborate with each other.

Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://www.rrr.se (ARSList MVP 2011)

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October 2, 2019 11:46 PM, arslist@danielbloom.ca wrote:

Doug Mueller’s last day at BMC was Monday, September 30th. As we all know, Doug was the creator of the ARSystem as a founding member of Remedy Corporation.

He has always retained the philosophy of supporting the user community, even before he accepted my invitation to join this list in 1993.

After consultation with Jason and Misi, the current custodians of this ARSlist, it was decided that I should post to this external list that Doug has left, in the hopes that all current and former members of our community can express their best wishes here where it can be done outside of a Corporation based community and where Doug can of course also read them.

In Doug’s honor, it was also decided that we would shut down the ARSlist permanently on US Thanksgiving, giving folks until then to post their comments, and to signify the thanks we give to Doug for all he has done.

My understanding is that the archives will continue to be available, and of course can be saved for posterity.

For my part, it was sad news that someone who has contributed so much, holds so many forward thinking innovative patents singularly and jointly with others, would be departing.

I was supposed to post this yesterday and it took me until today to accept that he really had left. I won’t be disappointed if I am proven wrong …….


Daniel Bloom

Founder of the ARSlist in November 1993

Active in the Remedy ARSystem world since 1.0