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RE: [EXTERNAL] Re: Announcements: Doug Mueller has left BMC, ARSlist will be shutting down on US Thanksgiving, Nov. 28th

Awwwwww  Bye Old Family!  I’m living in SnowVille these days but still check in and read what little has been happening.


My favorite Doug moment was when he called me personally at what was 5:30am his time to help me with a problem that I had been trying to fix all night.  5 minutes on the phone and all was well.  I miss that kind of small town family feel! 


Take Care, Y’all!


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Engaging before Thanksgiving happens.


Obviously enjoyed the Tech (AR System) and People (Doug) love shared in the past couple of weeks.


I'll share my story.


My first job (yeah, before 2000, just after school), was to implement AR System for a telco in Europe. Definitely loved the technology!

Did a couple of other AR System implementations in Europe

Then I was lucky enough to join Remedy Corp. I was so excited by this Silicon Valley startup!

That's how I met Doug. He took the time to send a 2-page Email explaining bits and bytes of how seamless Single Sign On should work with AR System. I was truly amazed.

We then had the "Peregrine interlude", as many of you know it...

BMC became such a better home for all of us.

And so much happened at BMC since Remedy joined (already 17 years ago!). And you can all be proud, the hottest items in BMC's portfolio leverage the spirit & magic that was inherited from Remedy

I've then met Dan, Misi, Jason, LJ, Kelly, Lenny, Phil, Arnold, Doug B, Dave and many others (Anders, Tony, Betina, Joe, Shyam, Rick, Axton, David, Carin, Eric, Herb, Kais, Matt R... just to name a few). Enjoyed much time (online or IRL) with many of you.

So much was achieved thanks to conversations between all of you.


My key takeaway from this story:

People are the core of everything.

They create technologies, they enable stories, they connect to other people to spread successes.


Wishing Doug the best.

And wishing you all best Business, hopefully with AR System or Helix.




~ Matthieu Laurenceau




On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 6:19 PM Dariusz Kuzara <dariusz.kuzara@gmail.com> wrote:


Exactly the same for me. I was inactive in ARS Remedy / BMC Remedy ITSM world for over 10 years but as Tommy still subscribed to the most valuable and supporting mailing list ever!!! It is very sad news the lsit is closing, Dough is leaving (I hope it well deserved retirement!!!).

Thank you Doug thank you all contributors!!! Dan, Misi all difficult to be mentioned here!!!


Good luck to all of you guys!!!


I'm missing Action Request System its functionalities and rapid development possibilities in my current job very much!!!




Dariusz Kuzara


pt., 4 paź 2019 o 15:15 Tommy Nijem <tnijem@nijemtech.com> napisał(a):

Well, even though I have been in-active on the ARS/Remedy platform for more than 10 years I continue to subscribe to this list and this community. I was fairly active on the ARSList and with Remedy in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and in many ways I owe that to Doug and the visionary software he created. I can still recall how excited I was whenever Doug would weigh in on a question or thread on the list.


Doug, I wish you the best and I hope that you carry a sense of pride and accomplishment forward in to your future!





Tommy Nijem
NIJEMtech--Your trusted technology advisors
(229) 269-4151

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On 03/10/2019 11:19, Misi Mladoniczky wrote:

Let us help BMC understand what a great rapid development platform it is. Let us help them understand that the Innovation Suite and the Action Request System should be merged into a single platform again.

The ARSlist has has been a very important place for me, making it possible to connected with all of you, our extended family of Remedy professionals. I am sure we will be able to stay connected in the future where we continue to help and collaborate with each other.


ARSList mailing list


ARSList mailing list


Dariusz Kuzara

ARSList mailing list